American ceramist Mary O’Malley is a true observer: she takes inspiration from everything the world can offer her. O’Malley is a specialist of ceramics, she often sees properties of clay in objects that surround her and she replicates them. As a matter of fact the artist tends to establish a strong connection with the time and places she has been experiencing. Each artwork and installation is the result of a deep exploration and interest of the natural world that she often uses as an allegory for socio-political issues or psychological analysis. In 2016 O’Malley moved to London for her MA studies. In this occasion she conceived the series Foreign Objects, which articulate Malleys’ personal experience of immigrating in her work. She admits to be surprised to find tropical foliage such as palm trees whilst walking around London. Such objects, perceived as strange and decontextualized in their setting, resonated and emulated her own feelings of moving from the States to the UK. 

After her BFA in Ceramics at Philadelphia University she moved to London to complete her MA in Ceramics and Glass at Royal College of Art. She exhibited internationally both in England and United States and ended a residency at Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences in 2013. She recently starts to teach at Camden Arts centre after several public engagement experiences as tutor at Long Island Art League in New York, University City Arts League in Philadelphia and Brighton University.